Food Capitals

FOOD CAPITALS Public Company Limited listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand, invests in Asia's rapidly growing consumer sectors. FOOD CAPITALS is primarily focused on world-renowned franchise restaurant, lifestyle restaurant, and budget hotel businesses

Its current restaurant brands include Domino’s Pizza in Thailand and Cambodia, Kyochon in Thailand, lifestyle restaurant in Thailand and also Red Planet Hotels across Asia.

Board of Directors

Akradej Srichawla

Mr. Akradej Srichawla

Chairman of the Board of Directors

A Sachdev

Mr. A Sachdev

Chief Executive Officer

Krit Srichawla

Mr. Krit Srichawla


Witit Sujjapong

Mr. Witit Sujjapong

Independent Director & Chairman of the Audit Committee

Krish Detter

Mr. Krish Detter

Independent Director & Audit Committee

Viroj Tangjetanaporn

Mr. Viroj Tangjetanaporn

Independent Director & Audit Committee

Nuttawut Phowborom

Mr. Nuttawut Phowborom

Independent Director